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Sometimes, Chase gets tired of staying at the Nexus. It's nice, sure, but the opulence and the finery make him think of being at home in Melbourne with his father on the convention circuit, staying in fancy places while his Dad talked and talked and ignored his wife and son. The only downside to that is that Chase doesn't get to see Ben, but it's not his first long-distance relationship (if they were calling it a relationship, at this point).

It is his first trans-dimensional relationship, though.

Being home comes with good things and bad. It comes with his familiar life. It also comes with House. Today's been one of those days that House is driving him crazy and so Chase has picked up a few more clinic hours than usual, glancing at the next chart as he knocks on the patient's door. "Hi there," he says distractedly, staring down at the symptoms instead of the name. "My name's Dr. Chase, I'll be your consulting physician today."
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Normally, when he and Obi-Wan are finished for the night, Chase has a tendency to excuse himself before too much exploration can happen. Not that he's ashamed, because he's not. He's definitely in decent shape, but maybe because he's not ready for things to be serious on that level yet. Tonight is a reminder of why and as he rolls over, trying to catch an hour of sleep before he leaves, he can't find any kind of peace because his wound is aching and the scar is itching the way it tends to do right before it rains. Rather than leave, though, he sneaks into Obi-Wan's bathroom and shifts up his t-shirt to look at the wound.

He prods and pokes at it, grimacing when the ugly scar reminds him of how close he'd come to dying.

Now, it's just a reminder of how far he is from living. He still hasn't really gone back to work and still hasn't decided whether he's going to stay on his sabbatical and inevitably quit. House would say he can't just waste his time surfing, but the hospital doesn't feel the same since the stabbing.

Wincing, he glances over his shoulder and thinks it's probably time to head back to his own room. He creeps back into the bedroom once the light is off, trying hard not to disturb Obi-Wan, even though he knows that's a difficult thing to avoid.


Nov. 2nd, 2014 10:35 am
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This is Dr. Chase, please leave a message to get ahold of me. If it's urgent, please text.
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Everything hurts.

This is how Chase wakes up, ever since the anesthesia wore off and the pain of having a surgical blade shoved into your ribs comes screaming at you, trying to vault over the help of the morphine. It hurts and for a few selfish seconds, Chase thinks that maybe he'd trade the use of his legs if the pain would go away. That thought recedes as alertness filters into his mind, but the pain stays. He sits up slowly, one hand over the thick gauze bandages that covers his stitches and tries to work past the dry mouth the drugs give him.

He glances to the window, then to the clock. Four hours, this time. At least it's better than the pained twenty minutes of sleep he'd caught before. Between the physical pain and the nightmares his subconscious is so ready to provide for him, Chase hasn't exactly been getting much rest.

The worst of it is that his own stubbornness landed him out of the hospital and back home. He couldn't be there any longer; couldn't look at Adams and her guilty face or Park not knowing what to say. He hated seeing Foreman try to couch his words with sympathy and the less he saw of House, the better. Chase reaches for his crutches, beginning the long process of getting to his feet and getting to the bathroom for his middle of the night routine.

Take a piss, take new drugs, clean the bandages and restitch anything he might have pulled. Rinse, lather, repeat. Every step remains excruciating, but he's grateful he can still walk. Carefully, he backs his way into the bathroom, hobbling and hopping.

When he turns to look at himself in the mirror, disorientation hits him like a two-by-four when there isn't a mirror to be found and instead, he's staring down a long hallway, devoid of anything but bad hotel art. He's been on drugs for a while, but they shouldn't be causing this much of a hallucinatory episode. Chase leans a little too heavy forward and barely stops himself from careening to the ground, but the shock and twist of pulling back makes him hiss in pain as a bright new flash lances through his body.

He glances down at his white t-shirt and grey sweatpants and knows there'll soon be a bloodstain seeping through. He needs medical equipment, drugs, and apparently, a little sanity. Chase backs up against the nearest wall for support, slamming into it a little harder than planned with his balance still so off-kilter.

"Shit," he hisses, breathing hard and heavy as he tries to get a second wind that will help him get somewhere else. "Shit," he gets out, more resigned when he doesn't exactly know how to find that kind of energy.
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CHARACTER NAME: Dr. Robert Chase


Slowtagging: Permitted, but please let me know if you will be gone for long absences.
Canon-puncturing: At this point, no.
Offensive subjects (elaborate): While Chase isn't very sensitive to most things, alcoholism is a touchy subject for him. He's also just come off being stabbed with a scalpel, so he might not take kindly to any jokes about him being less than capable.


Hugging this character: He will probably be tense and awkward about it.
Kissing this character: Yes.
Flirting with this character: Very much yes.
Fighting with this character: Yes, but he will be defensive and impulsive in his reply verbally, and passive in a physical fight.
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): Oh, please go for it. He's just been gravely injured in canon.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Yes. Know that it is a depressing graveyard of history.

General Warnings: n/a

At this point in time, no godmodding rights to anyone.
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